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Orban Microwave Products
Infinite RCS Technologies
Spinner ICT

Design and manufacturers high performance synthesized frequency converters, block frequency converters in L, C, Ku bands, unique custom and standard filters and redundancy switches for Satellite Communications and Broadcasting.

Manufacturer of aluminum shipping cases, transport, rackmount and accessories for MIL-Aero/Gov applications such as Drones and UAV’s, First Responders, Rugged Environments, Satellites, Science and Research, Lithium Ion Batteries, Hazardous Materials

World Wide Leader in Microwave and Millimeter Wave Products for commercial and military applications with over 30 years of industry experience from 7-325 GHz

Broad range of standard and custom designed MMIC’s, along with an open foundry service

VCO’s, DTO’s, PLO’s, Synthesizers, Integrated Microwave Assemblies up to 67 GHz

Design and Manufacture RF & Microwave Subsystems and Antenna’s in the 0.1 to 25 GHz freq range such as patches, quadrifilar, helicals, arrays in regard to Satcom, GPS, Avionics, Medical

Design and manufacturer of custom and standard state of the art Low Noise  Amplifiers and Medium Power Amplifiers for commercial, satcom, military and fiber optics from 50 KHz to 40 GHz

Radomes from 3.7M (12 feet) to 23.5M (77 Feet) Maritime 1.4M (4.5 Feet) to 2.5M (8.2 Feet)

Rotary Joints and Sliprings from DC to 67 GHz

Manufacturer of custom RF, & Microwave Filters and Assemblies for military, commercial, space applications

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