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LNA APT3-05400590-1010-LS-D4 by AmpliTech is a low noise amplifier with super-low noise figure (<0.9dB, 0.7dB typical). Lower NF options are also available with custom Flatness, VSWR, P1dB, and packaging. An internal limiter at the input offers protection of up to 2W CW of RF input power over the full band. The high performance is an example of AmpliTech's industry-leading low-noise design.

Microwave Specialty is an industry leader in antenna’s and systems  from 400 Mhz to 60 GHz products include military, commercial wireless, airborne, satellite applications with five state-of-the-art antenna test ranges for a variety of antenna types and sizes ranging in size from a few inches to 30 feet in diameter and having operating frequencies from 100 MHz to 67 GHz.  Horns, Dipoles, Helices, Yagis, Hybrids, Spirals, Couplers, Microstrip Patches, Rod Antenna’s, Polarizers, Slot Radiators, Log Periodics.

Millimeter Wave Products Inc is a World Wide Leader in Microwave and Millimeter Wave Products for commercial and military applications with over 30 years of industry experience from 7-325 GHz.

BWS Microwave Marketing, Inc. is a privately held, woman owned small business located in Atlanta, GA the technology and transportation center for the Southeast. The company was founded in 1982 by Ms Bonnie W Stephens. Bonnie has over 25 years experience in professional sales experience in the Southeast. All of our principals are oriented toward RF, Microwave, and High Frequency Digital Signal Processing. We provide coverage in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee in which our product lines are focused for military, space, and telecommunications.

The success of BWS Microwave Marketing Inc is the result of constant, attentive, communication between BWS, the customer and the principal.

The company’s success is evident in the positive, confident attitude shown in fulfilling customer requirements. BWS Microwave Marketing continues to grow, enhancing the success of the microwave manufacturers who entrust their product’s sales to our professional organization.

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