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Microwave Specialty Company

Industry leader in antenna’s and systems  from 400 Mhz to 60 GHz products include military, commercial wireless, airborne, satellite applications with five state-of-the-art antenna test ranges for a variety of antenna types and sizes ranging in size from a few inches to 30 feet in diameter and having operating frequencies from 100 MHz to 67 GHz.  Horns, Dipoles, Helices, Yagis, Hybrids, Spirals, Couplers, Microstrip Patches, Rod Antenna’s, Polarizers, Slot Radiators, Log Periodics

Microwave Specialty
520 E Carmel St
San Marcos, CA 92078-4499
Ben Walpole
Phone: 760-744-1544
Fax: 760-744-1565

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